Ky. hospital turns tables, sues lawyers over multiple lawsuits

Jewish Hospital, Louisville, has turned the tables on two lawyers who filed nearly 100 lawsuits against it.The hospital is suing the two attorneys, claiming they never intended to take the cases to trial and were using publicity surrounding the lawsuits to force settlements.

Jeff Polson, spokesman for Jewish Hospital, said the lawsuit against the two lawyers, Joseph White and Michael O’Connell, is aimed at holding them accountable for “false allegations” they made.

“They were given multiple opportunities to substantiate their claims in court and they failed to do so,” Polson said.

White and O’Connell filed 96 lawsuits against Jewish Hospital, with the bulk of the cases involving allegations that patients were infected by a bacteria called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

The two attorneys alleged that Jewish Hospital knew of the infections and did not warn patients, did surgery and housed patients in unclean rooms. Jewish Hospital denied the allegations and 84 of the 96 suits have been dismissed.

Gary Weiss, who represents White and his law firm, said the lawyers have done nothing wrong.

“The fact that you lose a case doesn’t mean that you didn’t have good cause to file it,” Weiss said.

James Grohmann, an attorney for O’Connell, said the lawsuit against the two attorneys should have never been filed.

White and O’Connell met with their clients in December, telling them they were withdrawing from the cases because they couldn’t afford to continue. The remaining cases will be dismissed if new lawyers are not found. — by the Associated Press