O’Connell Makes Questionable Statement About Detractor. Is This A Personal Vendetta or Protecting the Public?

Chris Thieneman is not working for or with any political campaign involved in the County Attorney Primary Election 2018, he is also not a candidate for office. Which makes it odd that Mike O’Connell so aggressively discusses Mr. Thieneman during the last months of the election.

Before listening to the partial statement it is important to understand the following facts which have sources listed at this bottom of this post.

Chris Thieneman is currently a vocal detractor of O’Connell and is suing O’Connell’s office for malicious prosecution. Thieneman was recently found NOT GUILTY of the most serious charge against him brought by an ex-girlfriend. Thieneman faced the possibility of a prison sentence had he been convicted on a charge of assault. The jury found him guilty of wanton endangerment and fined him $500. He is also suing the City of Louisville and the LMPD.

Chris Thieneman has released videos on Youtube calling for Louisville to “Vote Out O’Connell.” He has also begun to park a truck in front of the courthouse that includes that statement painted on it’s side. Thieneman has attended multiple County Attorney debates and recorded the candidates speaking. Each candidate also has campaign members recording the debates.

In May of 2018 Mike O’Connell warns an audience that Thieneman “is a sexual predator, he is convicted of trying to strangle his then girl-friend. And the women in this community should be wary and be prepared to not come in contact with him ever. He is a danger to this community.” He goes on to make further claims that may not be supported by the court records.

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Sources: http://louisvilleky.com/chris-thieneman-is-not-guilty-of-assault-charge/


Is Mike O’Connell’s ability to serve justice in Louisville unbiased? Has he within an official capacity of his office made misleading statements, recommended citizens protect themselves from if they come into contact with Thieneman motivated by a personal feud or a public interest?