Louisville crime sinks rating to 61st Best Place to Live


Louisville once described as the sixteen largest city in the United States is now ranked sixty first best place to live. Rising crime and violence plaguing the city is certain to diminish already meager corporate investment and exacerbate the cities continuing decline in talent.

Louisville was bested by all of the large areas around it including Lexington, Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Nashville.

Louisville’s criminal justice system continues to demonstrate a lack of competency with years of jailing their way out of crime having failed. Now the city faces rising crime but an over populated city’s jail system with many non violent addicts making the jail the largest detox center in Kentucky, while putting people accused of murder on home incarceration. The number of unserved warrants, revoked probation and assaults sky rocks.

Mike O’Connell Jefferson County Attorney had stated he felt there was no need for change and promised to “stay the course” after his narrow re-election victory in 2014.  The past four years have continued Louisville’s descent beyond the national averages.  Louisville has a chance at changing the system on May 22, 2018 where O’Connell is challenged for the role of County Attorney. Even with the city descending into hell the challenger appears as underdog.

 Good luck Louisville!